Canadian Voice Over Artists

Voice Stable is the premier place to find the most professional and talented Canadian voice-over artists for your project. The Great White North holds many different dialects that bring their own sense of culture and good old-fashioned Canadian friendliness!
Every one of our listed Canadian voice actors has a demo for you to listen to make finding the perfect voice for your project as simple as possible. Filter our voice artists by gender, age, tone and dialect and start the hiring process today.


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Why use a Canadian voice-over?

From the bustling city of Toronto to the small towns and beautiful wooded scenery of British Columbia, the Canadian dialect each has its own unique regional qualities. What they all have in common is the often talked about Canadian polite and endearing manner that comes through each region’s accent. There’s a whole range of emotions and tones a Canadian voice can bring to your project so start recording as soon as you can.

How is the audio quality of each voice recording ensured?

High-quality audio production is ensured whenever you hire one of our Canadian voice artists. The recording studios and equipment used by our voice actors are checked to ensure they will provide you with the best quality audio possible. At Voice Stable, we pair amazing talent with professional recording quality.

How much will it cost to hire a Canadian voice over artist?

Find the perfect Canadian voice actor for your project and click the Quote button. We’ll come back to you asap with prices so you can start recording for your project.

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