How It Works

Online Voices And In-depth Experience

Voice Stable brings a new level of professionalism and expertise to the online world of voice over recording.

A New Concept In Online Voice Overs

Voice Stable represents a new approach to online voice recording. It offers all of the cost and speed benefits of online technology and supports these advantages with knowledge, experience and personal service – and all at no extra cost.

How It Works

Need help selecting a voice for your production? No one knows our stable of professional voice over artists like we do so perhaps we can help. Fill in the simple briefing form, and we’ll come back to you with our suggestions. Or simply browse our voices to choose your own.

Our Voice Artists

We represent the top talent in the world of online voice overs. We have personally sourced all our voice artists and in many cases have worked with them over many years. We don’t sign up just anyone. From star names to specialists in fast turnaround and economical rate voice overs we select and offer the best in the business.

Our working relationships with our voice artists is your guarantee that your voice over will be committed to giving you a top quality performance at the best price. Try our recommended artists (marked with a tick) for the best possible service.

Professional Recordings

Just as important as the skill and experience of our talent is the professionalism of their recording and editing equipment. We exercise strict quality control to ensure the highest broadcast standards. All our artists’ recording studios are checked by our experienced team of audio engineers for production quality.

Complete, Edited Recordings

From script to the complete edited audio file emailed to your inbox, Voice Stable offers a total voice over recording service.

24 Hour Delivery

Need a recording turned around fast? Many of our voice artists offer 24 hour turnaround (or even less) and delivery with no loss of quality. It’s where our experience really counts.

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Quality costs, but you could be pleasantly surprised to learn that top rated professional voice overs don’t have to cost the earth. Plus we have a complete range of artists to suit every language, style and budget.