About Us

Voice Stable

Voice Stable is founded and run by the industry’s most trusted names.

We know the world of voice over artists inside out. Our contact book is the envy of the industry and an A to Z of professional voices that can suit any style of production and budget, from broadcasting and online advertising campaigns, and video virals to corporate films, imaging and documentaries.

We are a team of professionals who bring a unique combination of knowledge and experience in audio studio management, voice over agencies and advertising agency production.

Every voice over agency is only as good as its voices, and we have built up a portfolio of clients over many years. This is how Voice Stable is able to offer the most comprehensive range of quality voices to suit any production and budget.

We make it easy for you

Voice Stable is based in London but operates internationally. The website is designed to make it simple for clients to book voices direct or work with one of our production managers to help at each stage of the process who can help with negotiations and buy-outs for more complex jobs. Whatever works best for you.

Experience & Expertise

Voice Stable brings an unrivalled level of expertise to the world of online voice over recording. The Voice Stable team has the know-how to cut costs – without cutting corners – bringing a new level of quality and professionalism to the online world of voice over recording.

Need help or advice – call us

At Voice Stable we believe that online voice over recording can still be a people business, and in many cases it leads to a better result. If there is anything you’d like to ask or discuss with one of our experienced producers we would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us any time.